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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

.Labiaplasty..Vagina of Perfection

I am sure most of you have read or heard somewhere about one of the fastest rising choices in cosmetic surgeries happening in today's world of body-image .
One being Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery (Labiaplasty) ..according to stats..there has been an estimated 30% increase since 2005. More women each year are choosing to have their labia cut and sculpted like a piece of modeling clay. They are also signing up fast and furious to have it stitched up to reduce looseness and size through what is labeled, 'Vaginal Rejuvenation'. The age groups range anywhere from 15-late 20's.

So do tell me people....where is this need to be perfect going to stop?

Self-esteem...self-acceptance....being accepted... money... popularity.... vanity.....just because I can....it is the latest fashion.....porn....prostitution....ect.

These are just a few of the reasons as to the why's of this type of cosmetic surgery, which do not differ from any other.

Just so that I am not seeming to be gender specific on the topic of drastic measures to be the 'perfect person'....I will say that women are not alone in this need to 'better themselves' trap. There are many men right there next to them. These men are constantly searching for longevity fixes (staying power), surgeries to extend their penis, pectoral glands, hair implants, ect......




  1. Thanks for addressing this. Years ago, women didn't think twice about what they looked like down there, but now with the prevalance of online porn, I think women have become overly self-conscious. It's crazy!

  2. Looking from a man's point of view, I guess no matter how you change it, it will still have the same features and functions, and for those who wonder whether men really care what it looks like, no we don't. It normally is the last place we see when we get up close and personal with a girl, and looks down there has never changed the outcome of a relationship or date for that matter.

    Great point of discussion Dorothy.


  3. Yes, I've read quite a lot that more and more women choose the labiaplasty and why not, if they don't feel too good regarding this procedure.
    However, I don't think that I will ever try it, because I'm satisfied of mine! :D

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  5. Can you ask your doctor about Labiaplasty, and what are the costs and risks?

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